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Key Product Features

Royal Horticultural Society
We are very proud to be the only manufacturer of faux flowers that has been recognised by the Royal Horticultural Society for their floral excellence. So life-like, our flowers really are indistinguishable from the real thing.

Growing in Soil
Peony potted plants and bulbs look truly authentic Growing in Soil or moss. Using our exclusively developed technique we set soil firmly in place creating a long lasting, life-like look to each plant.

Still Water™
Developed exclusively for Peony arrangements, the Still Water™ formula is cured to ensure a long lasting clear, magnifying effect; just like the real thing. So life-like you to can add real water to your Still Water™ arrangement and combine fresh stems to 'create your own'.

Created in England
At Ruckley in rural Shropshire, our team of dedicated Peony florists, inspired by beautiful surroundings and working with the best materials from around the world create exquisite floral designs. Working in the heart of the country, we take care to ensure that every item in our collection meets the exacting standards for which we have become renowned.

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