"There isn’t an interior that doesn’t welcome flowers of some sort, whether masses of soft, full blown country roses or the sleek masculine elegance of a single orchid. Even those who love designing with real flowers are very much aware of the benefits of supplementing them with today’s perfectly made fakes". - Margaret Ashbourne

Do you ever look through a magazine and envy the rooms that are so well put together?  There is always one thing in common in all those pictures - flowers. And, while no home will ever be picture perfect, flowers can be used very effectively to enhance our homes, creating spaces where we live to walk, revitalise ourselves or simply be in.  

The personal touches that you add to your home make it uniquely yours. Whatever your style, flowers and plants are the perfect way to add beauty and warmth, and create spaces that reflect your personality.

In the past, faux flowers have been known for their poor quality and dated appearance. It is the case that, still, silk flowers available in some high street stores are of an inferior quality. But here at Peony, all our faux flowers, arrangements, potted plants, bouquets and stems are of such high quality that they are indistinguishable from the real thing.

Taking inspiration from the beautiful gardens on our Ruckley Estate our team of designers and florists hand create each and every arrangement to make sure that you are never disappointed in the final product.

Whatever the reason for purchasing a Peony floral display, be it for your home, as a gift or special occasion, we are sure you won't be disappointed.