Arranging faux flowers is very similar to the real thing. Here at Peony we follow a few simple rules that make sure we always get the best results...

1. Place larger flowers near the centre to make this the focal point

2. Fill in gaps with greenery, leaves or berries

3. Group flowers in 3's or odd numbers

4. If needed, use a grid of cellotape (like a noughts and crosses board) to hold the flowers in place. You should easily be able to hide this with the stems and foliage so it will not be visible.

5. For a professional look, try and keep to the seasons, i.e. in spring why not beautiful bluebells, daffodils or tulips? And for winter, you can’t beat amaryllis, poinsettias or deep red and crisp white colours. But they would look a little odd if they were mixed together.

6. Choose colours that blend well together. For a subtle hint of colour use pales and pastels, and for a more eye-catching display try vibrant and striking colours. Colour coordinated arrangements do tend be more appealing but a variety and contrast of colours can be just as charming.

7. If you are very superstitious, you may want to avoid mixing red and white flowers together – ‘blood and bandages’. However, our new arrangement of Poppies and Cosmos is so sweet and has a real charm about it.

8. Use wire cutters to cut the stems down to size, normal scissors may not be strong enough and could become damaged. The last thing you want is wire showing as it will give the game away!

9. Finally, if you really want to fool your friends, why not add some real water in your vase? If only used for short periods of time, the water should not spoil or ruin the stems and will give the impression of real flowers. I often add real water and real stems to faux flower bouquets in my home and you would not believe the amount of people who think the whole arrangement is real! Like me, you are bound to feel a real sense of satisfaction when you know you have fooled people!

10. For the final finishing touch, add a quick spray of one of our flower fragrances.